Emergency Assistance

Hours for assistance are by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 3:30 p.m. Call for an appointment, 816-630-2718.

The Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs provides assistance to Excelsior Springs and surrounding rural communities. Families and individuals are helped with food, shelter, utilities, transportation help, household and medical needs. Caseworkers are also engaged in helping clients find the causes as well as a solution to their distress. The goal is to encourage and to urge participants toward self-awareness. Caseworkers assist with budgeting, cooking and parenting as needed. Referrals to appropriate programs and organizations are an important part of the Center’s assistance to people in trouble. The Center acts in the belief that most people achieve their goals if they have someone to believe in them.

The GSC is unique in that each client receives one-on-one attention beyond the emergency assistance help to find out what they need to do to avoid crisis and get on with their lives. Many of our senior clients not only need help with basic necessities, but also need a place to come and talk to someone about what is happening in their lives.

Emergency assistance is provided at the Center’s administrative building, 108 South Thompson Ave., corner of Thompson and Broadway.